Coaching (new FREE program)

“From shyness to confidence: Raising your self-esteem”

Hello love!

Im so glad that you are here. If you are reading this, it means you are seeking help.

I know how scary it can be to try something new and open up to a stranger and believe that he or she is going to help you. I know it, because I was the same when I started my transformational journey.

But I did it. I contacted coaches, signed up for several programs, newsletters, did millions exercises and read many many books and articles.

And it worked.

I went through big personal transformations. Overcame childhood traumas. Changed from always unhappy to balanced and happy. From shy and not confident to speaking up and confident. From the victim mode to empowerment. And overcame addictions in forms of smoking, alcohol and chasing men.

So if you:

  • Are afraid to speak up and show up
  • Think that you are not pretty enough, not smart enough or anything else which is not enough
  • Chase love and romantic relationships as an escape from yourself
  • Heavily drink or smoke as another way to distract yourself
  • Think that it’s normal for you to get the worse outcomes while others are getting the best
  • Trying not to upset people so that you get their approval
  • Don’t know who you are

Then this program I’ve created is going to help you. I know it will, because it helped me.

It’s a 8-weeks program. Each week includes info on specific topic, assignments and exercises, plus 40 mins skype session with me!

It is based on spiritual knowledge, cultivating self-love, and rewiring your brain to make it work for your benefit.

And right now, as it’s very new, I am giving it completely for FREE, to the limited amount of people.

Contact me with few words about yourself. After that I will send you a questionnaire and introduction, and we will schedule our first call.

Your journey to greatness begins now. I am very excited to get to know you!