My name is Yuliya, and this blog is about psychology and human behavior, combined with spirituality, mindfulness, creating reality and re-programming mind.

I went through difficult childhood and my whole life was affected by it. I was always interested in psychology and personal development, but I started to actively apply the techniques only in 2017. Through a lot of readings, research, trainings, mentors, participation in spiritual and transformational events, meditations and yoga – I gained enough knowledge to help myself to overcome the victim state that I lived in for 30 years. I eliminated arrogance, anger, bitterness, excessive negativity and gained more love, compassion and an understanding of myself and others, as well as an understanding of life’s processes.

My interest in mastering mind is growing each day. I am fascinated by the results Im getting and by the results of other people.

For the first time in my life, I have a purpose and direction to follow.

And I hope this blog will help others who have the same direction.

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