Up in the air

Some people are terrified of airplanes. Like everything else in life, we fear what we dont understand. Some people just dont get airplanes.

Starting with the anticipation of travel, and ending with the final landing – the whole trip is covered with magic.

Motivation, energy, excitement. Packing my stuff, arriving to the airport, check-in, seeing my flight on the table. Gates, waiting hall, boarding.

Taking off. All the preparation was to experience this moment. For the next few hours I am entering another world. World, which exists separately from the real one. World, which follows its own rules.

Total freedom. Freedom from overwhelm and worry. From daily busyness and to-do lists. From daunting amount of daily choices.

For few hours my world is defined by the size of an airplane. I am on the top of the world. Staring at my home planet from above and imagining that Im God. I dont care what’s going on down there. It’s not my business. Wars, fights, hunger, natural disasters, crime – dont exist. They cant get me here.

The time stops. There is just me and the sky, and few people who share this state with me.

Nowhere to run. Nothing to worry about. No need to make any choices. I eat the food that the flight attendant brings. I read the only book I have with me. I dont go to the gym. No need to go shopping. No need to rush.

No phone calls, no emails, no social media.

I am legitimately excused for doing nothing and just being with myself. Probably, Im not even growing older.

I love airplanes. They teach me how free and peaceful life can be.

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