Your body never lies

Did you ever struggle with making decisions? With swinging from one choice to another, never being sure which choice is the right one? Not knowing what you really want? Finally making up your mind, but then beating yourself up for taking the wrong turn?

I struggle with it all the time.

Inability to make decisions comes from not knowing yourself. I dont know if I want to eat a carrot because it’s healthy, or I want to relax and enjoy a piece of cake. I dont know if I want to go to the gym because everyone goes ( and hey, it’s also healthy!), or Im good with just taking the stairs whenever I can. I dont know if what that person said to me was way too over the line, or I am just way too overreacting.

I thought I am weak and not confident and there is nothing I can do about it, that’s just how I was raised – all decisions were taken instead of me for most of my life.

But if I did learn anything about laws of the Universe – that would be realization that in our life nothing is ever written in stone. Anything can be changed, and in fact is changing, every single moment.

I realized that I am simply not on that level of development so that I can hear my soul guiding me. My anxious mind clouded my true self so much, that I no longer knew what is right and what is wrong.

But there is a way to go around our restless mind – through our body.

There is a science called kinesiology, which proves that our body knows answers to anything. That it can indicate whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, true or false.

There are probably thousands of books on this topic, and the summary of all of them would go like this:

Listen to your body. It never lies.

If you’ve got a cold – something in your life is slightly out of balance,  you did not feel safe and could not protect yourself. Your body will let you know.

If you have food/chemicals allergies – something in your life is constantly irritating you, but you decided to ignore it. Your body lets you know, so that you stop ignoring it and pay attention.

Acquired chronic pain, illness or condition always indicates something in your life which is out of balance, but you’ve been ignoring it for years.

Our body always tells us when something is off. And we dont have to wait years to see it. It can warn us even beforehand.

The first alert you get – is your emotion, and consequently – body reaction. When we meet a new person – we immediately get “a vibe”. And it doesnt matter if the the rest of the world loves this person – if you get a “bad vibe” – this means this person is bad for you.

But we became masters in suppressing emotions. We learned how to run away from uncomfortable body feelings which follow these emotions. We don’t want to feel what we feel, because it’s uncomfortable or it’s considered weak. We think that being cold is cool and gives us power over other “weak” people. They are weird. We are cool and in control.

So we ignore it. We ignore when our partner betrays us and the whole body goes off and tries to alert us with tears, blood rush, stomach contractions and muscles pains. But we pretend that it’s not there,  burry it under the carpet, “forgive” and move on to the next day, with the fake smile and with the same person.

But nothing appears out of nowhere, and so it can’t go back to nowhere.

Over time our body can no longer store this buried, not released negative energy, and it explodes into illness. The nature and location of the illness can hint us with the area of life which we prefer not to look at. And it’s never wrong.

If we dont attend to our needs even then – it gets worse.

The innocent cold produces complications. Turns to flu and infections.

Occasional digestion problem becomes SIBO, gastritis, gluten-intolerance.

Innocent rush turns to severe allergy and inflammations.

As Abraham Hicks says:

We are not allergic to food, we are allergic to our emotions.

Illness – is learning the lesson the hard way. It’s our soul trying to catch our attention, saying:

Hey, stop looking outside and finally pay attention to me! I need you ! Something is wrong here!

It starts as a teeny-tiny voice, but as your anxious mind blocks any channel for communication – you dismiss it. So it gets louder and louder, to the point when you simply can no longer ignore it, drop everything else in life and start paying attention to you.

Your body never lies. I’ve learned it the hard way too…






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