Everything we think is so important – will one day wash away with all the rest

Dear me,

it’s hard to imagine that everything we think is so important – will one day wash away with all the rest.

Im so honored to have shared these moment with you before we all become stardust again

Boho beautiful diary

If we could stop for a minute and realize how beautiful life is. If we could pause from endless running, achieving and to-do lists – we could finally see that we really have everything we need.

If we could switch our focus from “what can I get?” to “What can I give” – life would be so much easier.

If we could all realize that we are not on the quest. That we dont have “to make it” in the world. That we don’t have to be someone or somewhere else. That we don’t have to get more money and fame.

When we die we leave all that behind. Our worries won’t matter. Our competitions and eternal struggles for power will no longer exist.

The only thing which matters is how our life affected this planet. Bringing a little more happiness into this world – is what matters. Making someone smile. Helping someone to get through hardships. Feeding homeless.

We are forever stuck in a search for perfect jobs, places and partners. We are always thinking “How can I get more? How entertaining this place is? Is it beautiful enough by my standards? Does he make me happy?”

And it’s never enough. There is always something or someone that seems to offer more.

We are blindly racing each other for getting more indicators of superiority, and we are never satisfied.

If we could stop for a moment and switch our attention to “How can I give more“. In every place and every interaction… This world would become full of happy people.

There are places which feel welcoming. Because of the people who make these places welcoming with their presence.

There are places which offer entertainment and beauty. And there are people who bring entertainment and beauty with them to any place.

Give it everything you have. Just go. And never look back.

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