I wrote an email to my future self

There is a service on the internet which lets you send an email to your future-self, and you can choose to receive it in 1, 3, or 5 years (futureme.org)

I’ve read about it in a post from Olesya Vlasova, one of my favorite bloggers.

There is something very powerful in talking to your future self. You suddenly realize that you want your 1 or 5 years older version of you to be finally happy and in peace with herself.

You finally understand that you’ve already spent years in misery and self-pity. You realize that if your past-self would have sent you an email, it would describe exactly same thoughts and feelings as you have now, 5 years later.

And you suddenly realize that you don’t want that anymore.

That in 1 or 5 years from now – you don’t want to live an exact same miserable life, have exact same pity thoughts, blame yourself for the same mistakes over and over again, carry the same baggage of past hurts through years and decades.

You finally understand that yes, you’ve been hurt, but carrying this baggage is just not worthy anymore.

You finally realize that you really love yourself, and you want to see yourself happy and smiling. You want to know that within a year from now you will finally start making the first steps towards the life you’ve always dreamed of. You want to know that your future-self managed to let go of the heavy burden of past lovers, childhood traumas, career failures, wrong life choices. You want to know that your future self is a strong person, and she found the strength to let go and move forward.

You finally realize that if you dont do something to change your life right now – when you receive your email in 5 years you will be horrified by the exact same life conditions and feelings you keep on caring from decade to decade.

You finally realize that you might fail, but at least you will do your maximum to become another, happier version of yourself.

You realize that hell, you’ve suffered enough, and you will do everything to not spend another 5 years in exact same misery.

You finally realize that it’s in your power, right here and right now, to make your future-self happy.

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