Become happier in 15 mins daily with easy exercises


You cannot find yourself, you can only create yourself. Or choose.

Olesya Vlasova, author of the project “Re-self”

If you are always worried that “Oh I am so not confident”, or “so not happy“, or “not positive” – drop these worries right now. They mean nothing and are absolutely useless. You can change yourself, your habits, and your personality in a matter of second.

The fact that you are unhappy or you’ve been suffering for years means nothing. It is in your life because you constantly re-create it by focusing and repeating it over and over again.

So how about today you gonna do it differently? How about today you gonna start creating yourself the way you want to be, and not the way you don’t? Today you can choose to be happy and confident instead of unhappy and shy.

When you make new decisions – you make a new life.

Maria, author of Fabulous Mondays project

Here are 5 little, 3 mins long exercises I do daily (or at least often) which help me to stay happy and positive about life.

First 3 mins: Take one person from your life who loves you, and write down everything she/he thinks about you. Write down how you feel around him. Your partner, parent, child, boss, friend – anybody. Does he think you are beautiful? Clever? Positive? Loving? Full of ideas? Cooking great? Write how wonderful you must be if that person truly loves and respects you for who you are!

Second 3 mins: Write 10 to 30 aspects which you love about yourself. How you dance, how you laugh, your hair, your teeth, your fingers, your compassion, your job, your achievements, your dreams, your cooking – anything that comes to your mind. But it has to be no less than 10.

Third 3 mins: Take a deep breath, and let go of all thoughts for 2-5 seconds. Anybody can do it for so little time. If you can go further – do it. Let go of everything for a minute.

During remaining time realize that in this current moment you are not lacking anything: You are not hungry or thirsty, you are not in danger, you have a roof above your head, clothes you are wearing now, perhaps a perfume and cosmetics. You are healthy or with some sensations in your body. you have love of many people(which you tend to disregard), you have your own love. You have peace.

Fourth 3 mins: Take one thing you don’t love about yourself. Shyness, unhappiness, negativity, apathy, extra weight, too big nose – anything you perceive as bad. Write it down on a piece of paper. Then tear it into pieces and throw out to the trash bin.

Take a new piece of paper and write down the opposite in capital letters: I AM HAPPY, I AM RELAXED, I AM VIBRANT, I AM THIN. Stick it somewhere where you can constantly see it. Discard any background thoughts that it’s not true. Right now, in your own dreams, you have the power to think anything you want. Nobody can tell you that it’s not true, not even you.

Fifth 3 mins: Write down 10-20 positive events from your life where you felt amazing. It can be your first love, or Santa Claus gift you’ve got as a child, charming vacation with friends, appreciation from a colleague or boss, sport activity or achievement, job achievement, pleasant unexpected surprise, love letters, romantic dates, the most beautiful sweater you bought. Anything! Write them all down and realize how abundant your life actually is!


You can make these exercises as short or as long as you want them. You can take not one person but all of them. You can write not 10 things you love about yourself but 50. You can let go of thoughts not for a minute but for 10.

Do this daily. Train your mind to see abundance and positivity everywhere. And watch your life transforming. Happy people are not those who have more, they are those who trained themselves to see more.

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