Do this one thing to stick with and achieve your goals


Our brain is programmed to suffer. Well, we programmed it this way over the years, but our brain’s natural instinct to resist changes – makes it hard to get out of a vicious cycle of pain. Our mind will always fight to survive, and anything that is unfamiliar – is associated with danger.

In other words – it’s pretty normal for us to resist any changes, even if we suffer and cry in misery every day. That misery is familiar. The new state is not.

Few weeks ago I committed to the journey of consciously changing and directing my life  – and I started to feel very inspired, uplifted and unstoppable. But gosh, did my mind go crazy in the background:

That’s not normal. That will pass. You are nothing anyway. This is temporary. I don’t know how to handle this new excitement.

This morning I woke up in my usual “don’t want to do anything” state. I wanted to delete my blog, drop attempts to search for a job, sell my stuff and move to an uninhabited island to grow corn and watch birds. Or anywhere, where I wouldn’t have to think about “how to become a successful blogger. How to find a well-paid job which will sustain me before I become a successful blogger. And why the hell do I need this whole thing anyway??”. My last weeks, full of hopes and new ideas, were doomed to be wasted.

But few weeks ago when I committed to changes, I also promised myself and committed to a little daily ritual:

No matter how I feel, what else I do or don’t do, how little time I have, and how much I hate my life – I will do two things: the moment I wake up – I turn on a 15 minutes motivational video, while Im doing the other usual stuff. After the video, I do advanced yoga stretches for 15-20 minutes.

The word advanced is important, because it’s hard, and makes me uncomfortable and in muscle pain. But it also reminds me that without discomfort – there is no growth. If I was doing yoga poses which are easy for me – to what point would I be doing them? What for?

If there is no growth, no end goal, nowhere to go further – we usually lose the motivation after the first few tries.

And motivational videos slowly rewire my brain to positivity and remind me that I have to keep my mind in shape, same as my body. And I have to do it daily – no shortcuts.

Sometimes I want to skip it, because hey, I know it all by heart already. I don’t need to hear it one more time! But I go and turn it on anyway, because knowing does not mean using. Before those concepts can become part of our personality – we need to repeat them over and over again. It’s like learning a new language – if we don’t repeat newly learned words – they will quickly fade away.

Today, if you don’t program your mind – you will be programmed

Starting your day with something little, but out of your comfort zone – breaks the cycle of suffering routine, and sets the tone for the day. It tells your brain that feeling discomfort is normal. And you start getting used to it.

Behind the comfort-zone lies discomfort

Olesya Vlasova, one of my favourite bloggers and life coaches

But before incorporating even little rituals and making them a habit – you need to commit. Just decide that you will do one or two things no matter what, even if Earth is attacked by Martians. Even if you feel a bit under the weather, down, depressed, or you will have to wake up earlier. That’s what change and discomfort mean – breaking the cycle of your usual, comfortable behaviors. And there is no other way to expand your life, except for going through it.

I’m glad I didn’t delete my blog and sell my stuff, and made yoga exercises instead 🙂

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