Unless you are Buddha – you will have to work hard


In the age of massive awakening and “all-knowingness” that our thoughts create our reality – it is very easy to get caught up in the trap of “it all will just fall into my lap“. We think that we should say an affirmation or two, do the meditation or two – and we are ready to become an overnight success.

If it was that easy, why do you think so many people, including you, as you are reading this, still don’t have what they want?

I thought that maybe I didn’t ask properly. Or perhaps, didn’t ask strong enough. Or long enough. Or perhaps I should re-phrase it. Or let it go? Or let it in?

Gosh, what should I do to make it work??!!

I screamed this so many times, both in my mind and out loud, that I guess even my neighbors already know that I am on a personal development journey.

But to my disappointment, no matter how much I screamed, wished and re-wished, visualized and then visualized better – my biggest dreams, like reaching out to more people with this blog, finding the love of my life, making my body stronger and more flexible to make advanced yoga poses – did not fall into my lap.

After spending some significant time on wishful thinking (because this is how it’s called when all you do is thinking ) – I finally realized that perhaps, I need to work on those things a little. Or actually, a lot. In fact, given such a lazy, spoiled state of my mind, I think I have to work much harder than an average person.

Yes, I believe that instant (or relevantly instant) manifestations are possible. With my conscious mind, I do wholeheartedly believe that. I do believe that Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and others – are on such level that things really do fall into their lap. And Buddha, of course. Although, I assume that Buddha didn’t care about physical manifestations that much anyway.

But I am not Buddha, and not even Tony Robbins. These guys worked their ass off in order to reach the level they did.  Buddha was meditating for hours, every day. Tony Robbins worked as hell for years, on both his mind and actions. And, they never stopped the practice.

On the level that most people are right now – we do not believe that we can create things with a pure power of the mind. We think that it’s possible, but deep down we don’t really believe it.

According to David Hawkins, there are 17 levels of consciousness, and instant manifestations start happening only at the 13th level of “reason” and up, but only a small amount of people reaches it during their lifetime.

Everyone else has to do the homework. Start small, and by daily and consistent steps in both directions, mind and actions, work their way up. Set believable goals, believable timelines, check in and reflect, evaluate progress.

In order to reach a higher level of consciousness, we must learn the tools of the lower level, such as discipline and time-management. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to manage the power of higher levels.

So I finally fell back from the sky and got prepared to do my work. Daily. For hours. For months, maybe years, depending on the level I want to reach. And back it up with visualizations.

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