Pick yourself up and stop playing small

How do you live your life? Are you just getting by, hating mornings, barely walking home in the evenings, from time to time gathering with friends and pretending to be happy? Sometimes even managing to go on vacation, feel like a king for a week, and then coming back to misery?

Do you just hang around without purpose, posting happy photos on social media, pretending that everything is perfect? Do you complain about government, environment, difficult financial situation, your neighbor, a stupid colleague who doesn’t know anything?

How long will you distract yourself from your inner pain by complaining and judging everything around you?

You are not concerned about your stupid colleague. You dont hate your government. You dont give a damn about the environment.

You are dissatisfied with your unrealized potential. You feel you can achieve much more, but you do nothing about it. And it hurts. And you want to let the pain out. Or at least you want to numb it. And so you find any subject to judge so that in comparison you can feel better about yourself. So that in that moment of complaining – you don’t feel your inner void.

Stop complaining. It will not bring you the satisfaction you are seeking. Stop gossiping. Stop being concerned about “global” problems, if you then go and do nothing about it.

If you see the problem – you have the power to fix it. If you are concerned about the environment – go get involved in organizations which are dealing with it. If you see your colleagues don’t handle the tasks – go help them, become a mentor.

If you are truly concerned about something – it is your calling. If something triggers you – you have to work in that direction. It is when we care – we can make a difference.

You have the potential, and you know it. You feel it. You feel that background constant unhappiness, which you are trying to cover up with weekend lattes, occasional healthy smoothies, and hitting the gym twice a week.

If deep down you wish you were somewhere else, but on the surface you are only complaining and judging – you are playing small.

You’ve been ignoring and disrespecting yourself for years. You’ve been relying on others to make you happy. You’ve been relying on social media, TV, and parties to distract you from yourself, because you cannot stand to be alone with your thoughts. When you are alone – you hear that inner voice too loud, and you can’t handle it.

You don’t want to hear it. You are afraid of your own light and power. You are afraid to even assume that you can have everything you ever wanted. You are afraid to take a moment and hear yourself out, because after that you will not be able to live the life the way you used to live.

Pick yourself up and stop playing small. If all people stopped pretending that they are happy with what they have, and finally take responsibility for their calling – the image of our planet would have been way different.

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