When you feel that it’s time to change


If you have that little voice, telling you that “there has to be more to life” – do not ignore it.

My journey of changing life started with the book “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh, which is an international bestseller with 7.5 millions copies sold and translated into 37 languages. It has been almost 3 years ago, and it was the first time that I prayed to God.

Today I’ve watched a masterclass with the author on Mindvalley Academy. And I’ve learned something I didn’t know before: he wrote his first book while being … homeless.

His career went down. He had problems in relationships. He had health issues with the heart, and later on, he’s gotten into an accident and injured his neck. He had no money, no job, no partner, and wasn’t able to move properly. The last drop of his suffering was when one morning his car was stolen. The last thing he possessed was gone.

This was the first time in his life that he wholeheartedly prayed to God.

The message of his books, and in fact of every book and article I come across, is that anybody on this planet is entitled to awaken. Everybody equally deserves the life they want and always dreamed of. And everybody who already knows that – should help others to know too.

I believe, or actually, I know, that every living person is capable of creating the life he wants. There is the same potential in a homeless as it is in a leader. The difference between two of them is only in the level of mastering the mind.

The more we learn that the mind is controlling everything in our life – the more we are able to direct it the way we want. The more we study this subject – the more limits start to dissolve.


 The mind, which is the only level of creation, cannot create beyond itself

From A Course in Miracles

The more we understand that the old ways of thinking do not work – the more we let go of that thinking and let the soul (or God, or Universe) take over and shift our perspective and change the thinking.

A miracle – is a thought. A change in perspective

From A Course in Miracles

Most of the people need to break down, experience loss, tragedy, deep pain before they realize that their way of managing things isn’t working. It is that moment, when they are exhausted, run out of ideas and scared to death – they start to pray and hope that there really is the power bigger than themselves, which is capable of taking care of them. They pray because they have no other choice. They tried their best, and it didnt work. They lost everything, and there is nothing more to lose. And nowhere else to go. And no one to help.

It is a moment of a complete surrender, and it’s when the miracles start to happen. It’s the moment people start having unexpected events, synchronicities, and downloads. The moments of glory, and moments of peace. The moment when we realize that we don’t know anything. That we are nobody without the power of God. That we don’t have it all figured out, and never will. And that there is a better way of living by simply letting go of the thoughts which poison our life.

I saw very clearly that, ‘of myself, I am nothing’. Until this happens, you keep trying all your old tricks, the ones that never did work but you keep thinking might work this time.

Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

It is the breaking point, that shift everyone speaks about, when we start to understand that maybe things aren’t working the way we’ve been told. That maybe, the rules which exist – are only the rules created by other people, who were scared and needed to control masses.

That maybe, the Universe is not 3 dimensional, but we are afraid to admit it because it challenges our “I trust what I see, and not what I feel” way of living. And maybe our feelings is really what should matter, and not the physical aspects.

That life is not supposed to be a struggle, and we are not supposed to fight. That the people from other religions and races are same as we are. And the separation was created by the people in fear, who needed to divide us to rule.

That competition, comparison, and jealousy are just fears that we are not loved same as our fellow human beings.

That world needs love, and love is the only thing worth living for.

That things, money, positions can’t love us back and warm us at night.

That we can live in happiness and joy, that we can change the world, if we only start changing the mind.

If we only train it to see the love around. If we train it to trust others and trust the life itself.

If we start to open up, speak up and connect. If we stop considering tears as a flaw, and caring as a weakness.

If we eliminate the isolation we’ve created by considering our needs as the only ones that matter. If we only stop with “selfies”, and start with connecting.

If we only manage to shift our mind from fear to love, we can start shifting the whole planet.





2 thoughts on “When you feel that it’s time to change

  1. Bruna Branco

    That is a great way of thinking! Money and material things cannot buy us a family, “social media” does not connects us to those around us, if only the human kind that start to open their eyes to care more about each other, the world would not be what it is today. Unfortunantly, not everyone wants to think like this, but we can all put into practice and do our part to hopefully make a good influence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly Bruna! Thank you for your comment! The life is not only about ourselves. And yes, not all people understand it, but as you say – those who do should speak more about it – and it will start changing!!

      Liked by 1 person

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