From social anxiety to talking too much? Yes, it’s possible


If you ask my current friends how they see me,  they will tell you that Im talkative, sometimes too much. That Im open and oversharing. Confident and comfortable in my own skin.

But if you ask my friends from the past, perhaps from 4 and more years ago, but especially from the school years – you will hear a totally different story. Quiet, shy, barely speaking. That was on the outside. But the inside was even worse.

Social anxiety was my permanent state. When every stranger meant danger. Every new person was potentially hating me before even knowing my name. Going outside without people I trusted – was a nightmare. I was scared of every car – they might take me inside and bring somewhere to the woods. I was scared of friends of friends, because definitely they all had a plan how to put me down. I was afraid to speak up to teachers, to “cool” kids. I was so insecure, that living each day was a hell.

It came from the childhood programming, I know it now, and no longer judge myself for being that way. But before, realizing how scared I was of people – made me feel even worse about myself than I already was.

Of course, even now I don’t always have “it all figured out and under control”. I especially lose the ground in unfamiliar situations. But after overcoming the first initial discomfort – I start to relax much faster than before.

I started trusting people. I started trusting the world.

It didn’t come in one day. And most of it I overcame unconsciously, by simply living the life. Getting outside and socializing.

But I especially grew in the recent years, when I started my spiritual journey. When I deliberately started working on my self-esteem and confidence.

And when I turned around and realized how far I’ve gotten, I also realized that I can help others who struggle with the same.

They say that your pain – is your gift to the world if you find the power to transform it.

Since that realization, I came up with the idea to create a special program, which, I know, can help so many people, who might be so talented inside, but so afraid to be seen.

It is a new idea, so Im doing it absolutely for free, in exchange for the feedbacks. I already have few people who signed up for it, but I am looking for few more, in order to get good (I hope) testimonials.

If you are interested, or you know someone who might be – feel free to contact me for more info, or directly go to the page coaching and let me know that you are interested.





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