The best way to predict your future

ballpen-cellphone-close-up-843266What do you want to be in 5 years? Seriously, what do you want to do, where you want to live and with whom? What kind of a person you want to become? Do you want to live the same as now, or wanna make a change?

Look at where you are. What do you see? Are you surrounded by people who inspire? Are you moving towards the lifestyle you always dreamed of? Are you making daily steps or you keep doing same things over and over again, secretly hoping that one day the change is gonna just come to you?

Look at the people you work or communicate with on a daily basis.

Look at those who are 5 years older than you. They are your future. They are you in 5 years.

If those people inspire you – then there is nothing for you to worry. But if you can’t help but feel pity and sorry for them – then you will feel sorry for yourself in 5 years too.

The other way to predict who you gonna be in 5 years, is to look at your self-talk. Do you say you are a failure? Ugly? Fat? Not having any talents? Miserable? Always wrong? Always the worse?

If that’s your daily self-talk – you gonna be a failure in 5 years too.

The biggest mistake in life is to do the same action, and expect a different result

For 10 years Ive been doing just that. Making the same life choices, but secretly hoping that one day someone or something will come into my life and change it in a matter of seconds.

I say for 10 years, because it’s the time when I started working in IT office job, and career was one of my heaviest burdens in life. I always wanted more, something more adventurous, dynamic, not so routine, when Monday looks exactly as Friday, and July feels the same as December.

It didnt happen. The big lightning didn’t enter my life and didnt save me from myself. December still felt like June. When looking out of the office window, I had a feeling that life passes me by. Outside life was changing, waking up from frozen winters to green springs, but at the office, the weather was always the same.

And it’s not that I hate offices. I’ve been working with some truly amazing people, and we had a lot of fun, as well as very productive cooperation. I can’t even say why exactly it felt bad to be imprisoned in the office. Any job assumes some kind of limitation, and thanks God I wasn’t working in constructions, where I would have to work regardless of the weather, whether it’s 40 degrees heat or heavy rain.

I know that, but I was still jealously looking outside of the office window.

Then I took a different decision. I quit, not knowing what Im actually doing. After some time of adjusting to and balancing newly received freedom – I realized that except my circumstances – I have to change myself too.

I started changing my self-talk. I don’t want my future to be exactly the same as I had for 10 years. I don’t want to feel like a failure and suffer in 5 years too. I don’t want to feel like there is more to life, but doing nothing to get there.

The common excuse of “not knowing how to get there” is a simple resistance. You didn’t take a clear, unshakable decision that you wanna change, you don’t believe that you actually can. Your brain is not set up to provide a solution when there is no goal.

If you decide that you want to travel, but don’t know your destination – will you know what’s your next step is?

You have to know where you want to go first. As soon as you decide that you are going to live in Thailand – the first step is right in front of you: buy a flight ticket to Thailand.

So tell me, what, or who, do you want to be in 5 years? What job do you want to have? What personality traits you want to develop? What kind of relationships and people you want around you? What kind of body? Describe it, and make a decision that you gonna get there. Or at least, that you gonna do your best.

When you make that decision, be ready for a long process ahead. Don’t give up after the first failure or success. It’s like building a house. Doesn’t happen overnight, but if you put one brick every day – eventually the house will be finished. But if you put the first brick and then complain “where is my house?” and stop the work – there will be no house. And winds and rains will wash away that one brick you’ve put, leaving a trace of a broken dream…

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