The illusion of time: lack of it is a self-created habit


You are sitting in your room, staring at the flat, tiny screen of your device. The cursor is blinking, patiently waiting for your thoughts to be expressed. They will take a physical form of black lines on a white background. They will grow into words, build sentences, and end with an energetic charge of emotions you wanted to convey.

Thousands of miles away someone is sitting in his room, staring at the flat, tiny screen of his device. And receiving your energy in a form of black letters. He processes your energy and creates a new one in response. Interaction happened.

You dont even have to type the letters. It is enough to press a colorful circle on your screen, which is called “button” – and you can immediately see moving pixels, representing a video image of your friend. Interaction started.

Then you notice that pixels on your screen move into a form that indicates a sad face. The bemolle sounds you hear in the headphones make you feel heavy. You can feel that your friend, who is thousands of miles away, is sad.

How cool is that?

The energy is unstoppable. It breaks all the rules of time and space which we perceive as reality.

The energy of our thoughts, charged with feelings and emotions, is limitless. You can think of a person from the past, who is no longer in your life, and you can feel and relive the same sensations all over again.

You can think of a person who is in your life now – and he calls you at that very moment.

You can get a sudden hunch of depression or heaviness, while you have been happy all day. And then you find out that someone close to you is in trouble.

You can spend hours with your lover, and it feels like it has been few minutes.

You are waiting for an important or exciting event, and hours feel like days.

Crossing the distances via devices is immediate. Crossing the distances with the physical body is speeding up.

Life is speeding up. By collapsing the time, distances are shortening. Or is the time collapsing because the distance has shortened?

We no longer need these constraints. We are learning to create and interact regardless of them.

How long it will take for us to overcome the leftovers of the time-space illusion?

Lack of time is an illusion. It does not exist. It’s nothingness. How can absence of something have a meaning?

Lack of time is the fear to be late and worse than others. Fear not to manage something in a given time limit. To fail to do something by the end of the day. Fail to achieve something by the end of the year. Fail to come in time.

And any fear – is lack of love.

Darkness is lack of light, as sin is lack of love

A Course in Miracles

We have abundance of everything, and time is not an exception. Constant war with being late – is lack of awareness of that abundance. It’s a habit, another reason for stressing ourselves out. It’s a story we tell ourselves to keep the “I’m not good enough” program running. We convinced ourselves that we never have enough time to accomplish all that we want.

But as we focus on presence, rather than on absence – all of a sudden life starts to slow down. We must switch focus from how much we still have to do, to how much we already did. When we stop, breathe in, and forget about the task list – we realize that “damn, I don’t actually have to do this all!”. We need not manage more in a day. We need to relax more and stop frightening ourselves with “not accomplishing enough“.



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