Ladies first: about life’s purpose

“Ladies first” is the name of a documentary I’ve watched today. It’s about an Indian girl Deepika Kumari, who came out of the poorest Indian village, and who participated in Olympic games in archery in Rio-de-Janeiro at the age of 22.

She had no money, no fame, no connections. She had no plan, no consuming passion about anything, she didn’t even know how to eat with a spoon. She had no idea about Law of attraction, positive affirmations or anything like that. She had only one thing: the burning desire to get out of misery and poverty, and to be noticed.

She didn’t like archery at first. She didn’t know it’s a sport. She just wanted to get out of her village. And it was for free to learn it.

So she started practicing. Working hard every day. Listening to her coaches precisely. Practicing, practicing and practicing.

Within one year she became the Cadet World Champion.

The movie also emphasizes that practicing actual skills is not a break-dealer. There are myriads of talents and skilled people in the world, yet we’ve never heard about most of them.

The break-dealer in everything is mental mastery. Having that bigger picture in your mind, and a strength to follow through. Not giving up when things get tough. When people judge. When success is nowhere on the horizon.

Our starting skills and conditions don’t matter. Visualizations and affirmations don’t matter. They can help, though. But if we don’t have that burning desire, that push to get out of bed, and the discipline to keep going at any cost – we won’t achieve anything, no matter how many times we will repeat the affirmations.

The classic book about how this works is “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. At first, I didn’t want to read it. I thought – oh please, another fast-food self-help book which will tell me that I need to be positive and everything will follow.

Well, I’m glad I was wrong. The book is based on researching success of 500 famous people, and it’s about one common thing among all of them: a burning desire to achieve something. Anything. And how this desire is the only driving force of our progress and evolution.

When Edwin C. Barnes climbed down from the freight train in Orange, N. J., more than thirty years ago, he may have resembled a tramp, but his thoughts were those of a king!

Napoleon Hill, “Think and grow rich”

Bob Proctor, the founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute, started to apply the principles from the book at the age of 26. At that time he had difficulties to stick with any job. He was broke and with no education. He started to apply the concepts in what he was doing at that moment – cleaning. In one year he started earning hundreds of thousands. By now he earns millions and his company has offices in over 100 countries worldwide.

We don’t need to find our big life’s passion to start moving. It’s enough to be turned on by the desire to be rich. Or noticed. Or get out of misery and live wealthy. If we get inspired by that – we can become great in whatever we do, right here, right now.

The road to success always starts in the now. It has to be in touch with what and where we are. It can’t be planned to start in half a year. When I find that passion. Or when I save that money. Or when I meet a perfect guy.

Now is the only thing you will ever have. Now is the time to be happy. Now is the time to start changing your mindset from misery to power.

Become the best in what you are doing now. Put your heart and soul into the job you are already doing. You are a waiter? Perfect! Become a waiter of the month. You are a librarian? Become the most inspired librarian the one can meet, and read all those books you have there. Working at the office? Do beyond what your manager tells you. Come earlier than everyone else. Ask for more responsibilities.

How we do anything – we do everything.

Don’t wait to rise only when you find your purpose. Your purpose is to rise. Wherever you are.

Having a big dream, knowing we will achieve it no matter what, and patiently following through even when there is not a hint of success – I sincerely believe it’s that missing piece of a puzzle on the road to triumph. And lack of it – is the only real obstacle. Everything else dissipates in the fire of our burning hearts.

2 thoughts on “Ladies first: about life’s purpose

  1. Erin Doherty

    Love love love this piece Yuliya! Very inspiring, thank you for this and the many other articles you send us… they’re very powerful! ❤


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