Your life won’t change until you change your perspective

When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

We have a free will. Every moment we have a choice. Which thought to choose? How to interpret the experience? Which feeling is better for me? Love or fear? Trust or worry? Hope or regret?

We might not realize it, but the biggest gift we have is a freedom to choose our thoughts and freedom to decide how we want to experience life.

We are free to decide whether we live in a bureaucratic country or in a country with beautiful landscapes. We can decide whether we live in a concrete jungle or in a city full of opportunities. It’s up to us to decide whether we were rejected because we are not good enough or because something better is waiting for us to open the eyes.

We are deciding every day. Every minute.

Will I let this “asshole” control my day and define how I feel, or will I stay happy no matter what? Is my happiness more important to me than proving something to someone who can’t hear?

Am I going to drink coffee and worry that I won’t sleep? Or will I choose decaf and worry that I poison myself? Or will I choose another drink?

Do I want to feel adventurous and spend some money or I want to feel secure and save for later?

Do I hate my hips or do I love my hair? Am I overweight or thanks God Im healthy and not in a hospital?

Did I fail today or did I learn something new?

Did I perform poorly or I performed good enough?

Am I a bad parent, or I am doing the best that I can?

Am I a failure, or am I the cutest, sweetest, smartest person I know?

Did this friend betray me, or he taught me what to avoid in the future?

Is my partner ignoring me, or is he giving me the opportunity to understand what I want in life?

Will I let the amount of money I have control my happiness? Will I let my illness define who I am? Will I let my laziness become another reason to beat myself up?

“Change your perspective” – is not a cliche. It’s a way of living. It doesn’t mean ignoring the facts, it just means focusing on something that pleases you.

We live in a world of dualities. Masculine and feminine. Good and bad. Positive and negative. Sun and moon. Two sides of all things are always present, and we have a free will which side to choose.

Very often we attempt to change our lives without changing our perspective. We end relationships, we quit jobs, we move to another country. And after some time we realize that we are still in the same situation. The names of people, companies, and countries change, but we remain the same. We still end up with assholes, stupid bosses, and bureaucracy. We change the decorations, but our suffering, complaining core remains with us.

Transformation starts from within.

What do you want?

To enjoy life by focusing on the positive? Or to suffer it through by focusing on the negative? Or give up and end it?

The 4th option is not given.

Change your thoughts, and you will start changing your world.


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