What happens when we eat informational fast-food

The same as happens with the actual fast-food. Our brain gets immediate satisfaction and feeling of fullness, but in a long-term, it poisons our body and builds fat.

All the quick fixes. All the ready “How to” answers which give “all the clarity” right away, but for some reasons don’t work.

It doesn’t work, because our brain didn’t spend any energy on processing the information. It did not try to find the answers by itself. It didn’t build the muscle.

Our mind is still on the same low level of consciousness, but trying to reach the results of enlightened people. Failing at it and building up fat in form of self-blame.

After a while of trying quick fixes – I came to the realization that I’m simply not ready. Not ready to love the whole world, because I am still far away from love level of consciousness (from David Hawkins explanation of levels). I still need to grow. And I can’t jump there from where I am now.

Not ready to become a successful writer overnight, because on my level I’m still writing from the place of ego and fears, and only after letting them all out, and building brain muscle – I can finally reach the depths of my soul and start writing from the heart.

But it does not happen overnight.

We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us. The sooner we get them out the better.

Walt Stanchfield

In previous centuries the information was not available to anyone at any moment. Those who grew up enough to know something they need – they knew. Those who didn’t know – didn’t need to know.

Now the information from the most advanced people is available to the least advanced. And they either don’t understand it and call it crazy, or they apply it but it doesn’t work.

Not trained brain can’t manifest million of dollars overnight, no matter how much he think he “knows”. Or win Olympic games even if he knows “that anything is possible”.

I’ve always asked myself why the greatest leaders, speakers and teachers take so much money for their programs, coaching, trainings. Don’t they want to help? Don’t they know that majority of people can’t afford them, but they really need help? The answer is clear to me now, but I will let the reader figure it out by himself 🙂

I do not believe in fast-food and quick fixes any longer. Easy books, How to’s with specific steps, leaving no room for thinking.

You need a mentor. Someone who is in front of you who will show you how they did it. 200-500 books equals one good mentor

James Altucher

I believe in practicing and making baby-steps. Having a mentor or reading good books. Every day. Showing up and failing. Showing up and failing better. Just showing up. Building the muscle. Removing fat. And climbing easier with each step.

When I become a good writer – I hope I will be able to make a reader think.




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