We all want to be chosen

We all think that we are special. We all want to be Neo and be “The One” who saves the world from Matrix. We all think that there is huge uncovered potential in us, and we all are waiting for Morpheus to come and tell this to us, and then to confirm it by the Oracle.

And until he comes we remain just one of. One of the other potentials.

You’ve got the gift. But it looks like you are waiting for something. Your next life maybe.

the Oracle

We are walking through life, feeling that potential, but still waiting for Morpheus. And we feel good from the thought that we are the only one like that, and one day we will be able to show it to the world.

One day…

But not today. Today I will rather get angry. Today I will hurt someone I love. Today I will keep thinking negative thoughts. I will be doing it until Morpheus comes and tells me I’m chosen. Maybe tomorrow it will happen. Or in a year. For sure in 5 years I will be saving the world.

But today I will rather get angry.

5 years passed in a glimpse. Morpheus didn’t come. Oracle did not confirm that I am “the One”. But it’s coming. I’m sure. To some people, Morpheus came later in life. I still have time.

20 years passed in waiting.

Did he lose my address? Doesn’t he know about me? He must know it by now. I know our paths will cross and he will recognize my potential immediately.

And then I will finally save the world from Matrix.

But for now, I will keep living it. I will keep trying to bend the spoon. Until Morpheus comes and tells me that I’m “The One” and brings me to the Oracle. After that, I will bend spoons easily.

But until then I have what to do. I will keep practicing. I will keep trying to bend everyone but myself.

50 years passed. I did not manage to bend even one spoon. But it’s okay, Morpheus will see the potential and will help me to expand it.

I will just keep practicing until he does.



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