How to get unstuck in life

Everything in our life is a massive collection of habits. From our morning routine to our reactions to the situations and people. From the way we have our coffee to the type of restaurants we choose. From thinking how ugly we are to the thinking that we will always live a miserable life.

Feeling stuck – is nothing more than one of those habits. Always searching for something – is a habit. Missing your ex is a habit. Feeling not good enough for him or her – is a habit. Feeling depressed is a habit. Having chronic diseases is a habit too.

That does not mean that we have to deny the negative feelings which come with unfortunate events. I’ve done some big transformations in my life only by letting myself feel and face the pain from the past.

But after the pain went through us – it’s gone. And it’s our mind which picks up on it, and ruminates, and ruminates, and tries to explain, and tries to give a better solution, and tries to change the outcome of the event which already happened so that it fits the expectations that we had.

According to the psychological study – the real emotional pain lasts 12 minutes.

12 minutes…

But our mind, which is programmed to suffer, makes it a big deal.

Still sad about your partner leaving you? Which happened 3 years ago? It’s just a formed habit.

Still feel worse than anybody else on this planet? It’s a programming from your childhood.

Still think you can’t achieve or have what you want? You can never be great? The old habit of thinking practiced over years.

So your feeling stuck – is what you’ve been telling yourself for years.

I am stuck. I cant find myself. Im still searching. I can’t find a perfect man. I will never have a great relationship. I will never find the work I love.

“Im searching but not finding”, or “Im doing but not getting any result” or “I dont know what to do” – is your main message to the Universe. And this is exactly what you receive day after day.

So how to get unstuck?

Simply by starting reprogramming yourself.

Start saying that you are doing your best to figure this out. Or that you know what you want. Or that you are free. Or you are letting go. Or moving on with life.

Say to yourself whatever is the opposite of what you are saying now.

You can’t get new results by repeating old programming.

When you start saying new things – your brain will refuse it at first. From the Law of attraction point of view – you attract what your dominating thought is. You have to consciously start thinking the opposite thought until it becomes dominant. After that, same thoughts will be attracted automatically.

From the scientific point of view – any thought or belief you have – is just a tiny connection between brain cells. The more you repeat things – the stronger the connection gets, until it becomes automatic. And when you all of a sudden start building a new connection – your brain is not used to follow it yet, so, in panic, it will resist following. You will always want to come back to the old, familiar, known path.

But practice makes perfection in everything we do.

So keep practicing building a new way of living by building a new way of thinking.

It’s really simple and it works like a charm.

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