Why self-love is the key to your dream life

We fear aging because we think we won’t be attractive anymore. We fear losing partner because we think we are not whole without him. We fear losing job because we think we are nobody without it.

If we base self-evaluation on external factors – we will always fear something.

Self-love is realizing that you , first of all, are a soul, a consciousness. And that you deserve to be loved just because you are that soul.

Don’t try so hard to look fantastic to be loved. For when you lose your beauty – you will lose the feeling that you are loved. Dont try to earn all the money in the world, for when you lose money – you ll lose yourself.

Don’t identify yourself with any external thing.

You are not your body – you live in a body. You are not your relationships status – it’s just a status. You are not your job position – it’s just a role you play, and it can change.

What doesn’t change – is that consciousness that beats your heart and breathes for you.

Self-love – is loving yourself for being that consciousness.

When you love your soul – this love will never fade. You won’t feel unworthy of a great romance because you’ve aged or have an injury. You won’t feel unworthy because you don’t earn enough.

You will feel worthy of your dream life, because your soul doesnt age. You will feel worthy of abundance – because your soul is always abundant. You will feel worthy of love because your soul IS love.

You will constantly feel worthy of anything you want, and only when you feel worthy of your desires – they begin to manifest.

The Universe is not testing you and not hiding anything from you. The Universe is only trying to show you that anything can be lost or changed. Anything but your soul. Your soul is always with you, it is eternal, and it is eternally worthy of love.

Self-love is not just some silly well-advertised term. It’s a lifestyle. You are really the only person who will stay with you from the birth to death. Nobody else makes that exact journey by your side.

List the things from all your relationships which make you feel good. Dates, trips, saying sweet words, buying gifts, admiring your talents, supporting in difficult times. And give it to yourself daily.

One of the reasons we are often stuck on our ex-partners – is because we think we will never again hear those sweet words, or will never have such care and understanding.

Give it to yourself then. You don’t need another person to do it for you (and often we dont believe them anyway). If we are dependent on another human to do it for us – then when they are gone – we inevitably are in pain.

You can’t control whether other people stay in your life or leave. But you can control whether you stay with yourself or leave.

So start saying how talented and cute you are. Say that everything will be alright and that you are there for you.

Make a connection with you. Make it the greatest, most empowering romance of your entire life.

And watch how magic starts to happen.


4 thoughts on “Why self-love is the key to your dream life

  1. Great post and very encouraging! Thank you for reminding me there are things that are good in my life, and that I should love myself more! Self love is something I too struggle with, but hopefully I’ll get there if I keep trying : D

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