Why our prayers are not answered?

We are praying for hundreds of things daily.

I want to meet my soulmate. I want to be rich. I want to start my business. I want this meeting to go well today. I want to make up with an old friend. I want a free parking spot. I want that red dress. I want to heal. I want the weather to be warmer …

The list is endless. And some of them, whether we notice or not – are manifested quickly and effortlessly. Yet those which are the most important to us seem to never come.

When I feel down – I always pray for an external miracle to happen. And then constantly wondering: So where is it? why it’s not coming? God abandoned me. Im all alone here. It’s all bullshit that we get what we want.

I was blaming this whole idea of manifesting your dreams, and all the people who get it, while Im not.

Until yesterday, when I’ve been listening to Abracham Hicks teachings, I realized a simple thing.

Everything what is happening out there – starts within you, in your thoughts. So if you want a miracle – the first miracle would be to have a miracle thought.

A Course in Miracles says:

Miracles – are thoughts.

So the problem is not that nothing good is happening for us out there. The problem is that we keep on thinking negative, miracles-do-not-exist thoughts, and we dont give a space for new ones to enter. Nothing can be created without having that thought first, no matter how much you want it.

And so the purpose of meditation is to make that space. To stop your mind from thinking, and make the space for your Higher self to speak to you through new thoughts and feelings.

As Abracham Hicks says:

There is a difference between the thought that you think, and the thought that you receive.

That is all what allowing really means.

It does not mean to forcefully start thinking positive thoughts. It’s not your job, and it simply doesnt work that way.

To receive what you ‘ve asked for means to just sit in silence and wait for proper positive ideas and feelings to effortlessly arrive, which will lead you to actions, which will then turn out into your dream.

This is how all great artists, musicians, scientists or sportsmen achieved their tops or created inventions. This is how all great ideas and inspirations came to life – through relaxing and letting God breathe these new ideas into people.

Artist can not create a new piece of art by only looking at existing pieces of art.

Scientists would have never made a breakthrough if they would be focusing on old inventions.

We can not create anything new with our mind, because mind can only analyze old. And that includes your own thoughts. We can’t create new thoughts by analyzing old.

That’s why we think so much and so hard, and still can’t find solutions. That’s why we need to give up trying so hard, and let the Higher power to help us out and inspire with new ideas.

Only then life becomes easy and fun.



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