Addiction to external resources

I’ve been listening to Kyle Cease a lot lately. He has so much to say, and I can’t stop watching.

But then (after watching his video about this haha) I realized that Im relying on external resources for far too long.

Whenever I have a confusion, question, or uncertainty to handle – I … research it in google. Well google does have a lot to say. For one time. One month. One year maybe.

But at some point we need to let go of seeking for permission from others and just follow our heart.

My biggest breakthrough is doing something that nobody did before, on a very small scale for now.

For example, at the companies I worked for, it is not common to express feelings and bring some fun into the working process – it’s considered unprofessional. So I was following the rules and was doing as all people do. Until I realized that maybe all these people are just waiting for someone’s permission to do the same.

And when I started to unprofessionally express my feelings regarding some situations at work – people started to reply to me in the same unprofessional way. And oh did it make a difference – we really started to have fun, when on meetings we didnt only speak about statistics of work done, but also expressing how we feel today or what was blocking us yesterday or what we are afraid of. It created a truly friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Kyle Cease tells the story (I don’t remember exact wording) of how one of his clients came to him to ask what to do: she wants to divorce her husband, but she needs a sign. For what Kyle answered: How come you wanting it – is NOT a sign??

We are so used to rely on external opinion and permission to do what we already know that we want to do.

My friend knows better! My mom always knows what to do! I need a sign first! I’d better google Tarot cards answers! (I did that, yes). That famous writer definitely knows what to do! That’s why he is famous!

And we blindly follow their steps, not realizing that each journey is unique. You can find a lot in common with other people, but sooner or later it will start to be different.

And you have to take it from there. On your own. You have to let go of the safety net in a form of your parents, teachers or google.

Google doesnt know everything. It certainly doesnt know what you are thinking right now.

We don’t need to re-do what was done before. Innovation means something new. And something new is never achieved by following something old.

Tapping into your own wisdom is the only way to create something new. Even if you screw up first times. The first ideas which come out are not yours, or rather – yours but taken through the prism of “what others might think about it”. But when you let them all out – your true authenticity starts to slip in.

And that is exactly what shining your light means.

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