There is no secret to life

The internet is flooded with manuals, courses, blogs with attractive “secret” headlines : “The only secret you need to know to get a girl” or “The one secret which will help you to keep the guy”.

Why there always has to be a secret? Why do we have to use secret tactics to “keep a guy”? Why would I want to keep or get someone, if both men and women are same interested to be in a relationship?

In my opinion, there is no secret and no set of rules. Especially in relationships. If I have to use some “secret weapon” which I never heard of before – that just means pretending to be someone Im not. I personally dont want to play games, manipulate, and be loved for who I am not.

Lisa Kudrow in her motivational speech told the story how she started flirting with a guy who was out of her league, and now they are married for 15 years.

She broke all the rules!!! A woman who hits on a man? What about playing hard to get? And omg, hitting on someone out of her league?? 🙂

Being yourself is the most attractive tactic. And not only in romance, everywhere. Be yourself when dealing with your boss. Be yourself when creating an art. When singing. When buying clothes. When choosing how to spend your weekend.

The secret can be in how to get to know yourself. To know who you are and what you want. When you know you deserve more – you won’t settle for less. That is all the secret.

Little babies did not read a secret on how to get attention and love. Yet, they are so confident in their worthiness, that they have no doubt they will receive all that they need. They just know and expect it.

Believe that the way you are – you deserve to have a guy or girl and fantastic relationship. Believe that life always works out for you. Believe that you can break all the limiting beliefs and reach the sky.  Believe that there are no standards on how to live the life. Your life – your rules.

The secret to life is only to use your power of imagination: believe in what you don’t see yet, and believe that you can have it. Your intuition will get you there.


2 thoughts on “There is no secret to life

  1. Great Post! I agree that there’s no “secret”. That is, a quick fix to anything! The real secret, the real power that we have is in ourselves and once we realise this, we give ourselves the power to achieve our goals! An inspiring read, I feel super pumped to write!
    : D

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