Books, blogs and people who made an impact in my life

Since I started the self-development and self-discovery journey, Ive read a lot of books, had few coaches , watched thousands of videos and read thousands of articles. As Jennifer Aniston said on one of Oprah Winfrey’s interviews:

If I had a dollar for every self-help book that was sent my way – I could have probably pay for this studio.

So I can’t possibly share all of them, but I will list those which made the biggest impact on my life (and even that list is far from being complete, cuz there are sooo many great people and their works).


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – it’s already a classic. On how following our intuition and dreams will bring us to greatness

The witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho – about a woman who learned how to connect with her inner guidance

The gifts of imperfection by Brene Brown – on vulnerability and the need to be “cool” and perfect

A return to love by Marianne Williamson –  a reflection on A course in miracles, but much simpler to understand, with examples from her own life

The bridge across forever by Richard Bach – about searching and waiting for The one true love

The power of now by Eckhart Tolle – how to tap into the Now. I started to let go much more and to pay attention to my surroundings

The mastery of love by Don Miguel Ruiz – amazing guide on understanding and navigating relationships

A course in miracles – basically a Bible in different words. Still reading it, it’s big and a bit harder to digest then all others

Blogs and specific articles

Fabulous Mondays – a lot on finding your path and discover purpose

Live a life you love – a lot of inspiration on manifestation, Law of attraction

Tiny Buddha – a lot of inspiration on mindful living

Addicted2success – success, self-growth, self-dicovery

TUT – Thoughts become things – a lot on Law of attraction, success, relationships

LonerWolf – on spirituality, souls, managing emotions, depression and spiritual awakening

How gratitude healed my loneliness

Trust the timing


How to Activate Divine Timing for Union and the Illusion of Needing to Heal Yourself

Proof that the Law Of Attraction Works

Coaches and inspirational people

Louise Hay – my first and favorite discovery on this journey. I resonate with her idea that all our problems in life come from lack of love to ourselves.

Abraham Hicks – expert on Law of attraction. You can find her youtube video on any subject

Deepak Chopra – I love his youtube meditations mainly, but you can find a lot of other wisdom about life, soul, God

Boho Beautiful – I love theirs meditations and yoga youtube videos

Milijana de Mori – she overcame shyness, childhood traumas, and now she is a certified NLP practitioner who helps other people to overcome similar problems

Maria Stenvinkel (Author of Fabulous Mondays) – Her purpose is to help people find their passions and directions in life. I have never seen a coach with more friendly and personal approach to each coachee. She really loves people.

Specific videos

Louise Hay – You can heal your life

About life’s purpose and happiness

Steve Job’s motivational speech

Another VERY motivational speech

Bentonho Massaro has a lot of videos on how to rewire and retrain our mind


Lisa Kudrow on failures and motivation

Amazing, mind-expanding guy

I hope you enjoyed it! Sending you lots of love ❤

5 thoughts on “Books, blogs and people who made an impact in my life

  1. I’m so glad I found you through this post as I write about self improvement to improve myself!! I’m looking forward to your self improvement journey too and I’ll be looking at all these links later! The Alchemist is my favourite book because it helped me go for the things that I want in life instead of settling for less!! Great post 😄

  2. Thank you so much for listing my blog post and book. I am honored to be here. I’ve read Marrianne Williamson and Louise Hay’s books as well as some Deepak Chopra and Steve Jobs. It’s interesting that The Alchemist keeps coming up after all these years. It must be time for that one! After I check out some of these great videos. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Joanna! Thank you! Yes I loved your articles, and your whole love story – it’s giving hope 🙂 I hope you ll enjoy videos, truly inspirational

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