List of motivational affirmations

What if, for whatever you say or think, the Universe always responds “Yes” ?

Affirmation is really anything you say or think. All your self-talk it’s a flow of affirmations. So why not to replace all negative self-talk with something positive?

It has been a struggle to start talking with myself nicely, but I managed to progress.

The one thing to remember when you start using affirmations – they won’t work overnight. After years of self-hatred and self-criticism you are programmed to continue talking in the same way. You won’t believe your new kind words. The trick here is to keep repeating them, over and over again, thousands times for at least a month, even if you don’t believe them at first. Have patience and give yourself enough time for the positive transformation to start happening.

As they say – Rome was not built in a day.

So here is the list of my favorite affirmations which made a real impact on my life:

Self-love and worthiness:

I love you. I really, really love you (better to say it while looking into the mirror)

I love and approve of myself exactly as I am

I am beautiful and everybody loves me

I am worthy of all the things that I want

I am a child of God. I am worthy just because I exist, and not because of what I’ve accomplished

I am enough, Im doing enough, I have enough


I am healthy and strong

I glow with energy, health and vibrancy

Life flow, handling fear, uncertainty:

I am exactly where I need to be

I did not choose to have negative thoughts. They are the result of my childhood programming. But now I can choose to change them

I trust the process of life to take care of me

Im doing the best that I can to figure this out

Im just a human, I can do mistakes and lose temper

Miracles can happen to me too

Dreams do come true

I just need to dream my dream and take a small step. Karma will take care of the rest

Self-esteem, believing in myself:

I CAN be that person from my own dreams

It WILL work for me

I am confident

I am an equal to everyone around me


I am healed and ready for love

I deserve to have deep and meaningful connections

What’s mine can’t run away from me, and what is not mine – can not be forced to stay.

Love comes easily to me. I don’t need to chase or work hard for it

Relationships is not a struggle. It’s a play


There are literally millions of options you could use as affirmations. The main thing is to start somewhere. So I hope you can choose some of those which I use and see positive changes entering your life!!

Lots of love ❤







2 thoughts on “List of motivational affirmations

  1. I can say from personal experience that affirmations work over time. The other thing that helped bring a healthy relationship to me was imagining how I would feel with someone who would be a good fit: comfort and joy.

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