Do you want your life to truly take off?

For how many years did you procrastinate? How many times did you beat yourself up for no reason? How many times you promised yourself to be perfect next time, only to shamefully fail again?

How much longer are you willing to do the same things and to expect a different result?

You’ve been beating yourself up for decades. You’ve been scolding yourself, shaming, hating and resenting. Out of hatred to your body, you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight, and hating yourself more for “not being able to do it”.

You’ve tried all the excuses in the world to hate yourself. They didn’t work.

Try approving of yourself and see what happens

Louise Hay

You are the only thinker in your head. Only you can decide how well you perform. How fabulous you are. The opinion of others does not matter. If you don’t approve yourself first – you will never be satisfied by the approval from others. You will never have enough of it.

Thoughts – is really the only thing you will ever have control over. Thoughts create your feelings. Feelings create your actions. And actions create your life.

You don’t have a control over past. You don’t know the future. You can’t control the reactions and thoughts of others.

The only thing you can, and should control – is your current thought. Right here and right now.

What are you thinking now?

How bad your day at work was? How stupid you looked at that meeting? How poorly you managed your date? How fat you are? How ugly or old you became?

You’ve been thinking these thoughts for years.

What do you think a stupid person can achieve?

How handsome partner can an ugly girl have?

What sport achievements can someone so clumsy get?

Do you realize that all that you don’t like in your life, all the things you didnt achieve, all the sorrows and pain you felt – is a result of your unkind thoughts towards yourself and others? You did not believe you can handle it, so you rather didn’t start. You did not believe you can have it, so you sabotaged yourself. You did not believe you have any significant talents, so you accepted a mediocre life.

But you are magnificent. And everyone around you is magnificent too. Remember how “generally stupid ” friend once shocked you with his intelligence or education level? Or “never caring partner” once bought you flowers? Or “always grumpy boss” once asked you how are you doing?

Remember how you, yourself, once, or twice, or even hundred times, were brilliant, unstoppable, successful? Remember how bright you shone your light? Do you remember how powerful you felt?

Why do you think it happened? Accident? Coincidence? Once-in-a-life-time luck?

No. It happened because we are all brilliant. And once or twice, for a fracture of a second – we believed that.

I believe that every human has an unlimited potential. We all can wake up to that potential, if we only stop feeling worse than others. If we only stop being afraid of being rejected. Being ashamed or not accepted by others.

Try different approach. Start loving yourself now. Go to the mirror, look into your eyes, and say:

I love and approve you exactly as you are.

Did not know what to say on the meeting?

I did great anyway.

Behaved weird on a date?

I am a human too, I DO WORRY!

Lost money? Failed exam? Got rejected by your dream company? Were late? Made a wrong deal?

I accept it exactly how it is. I tried my best! I am not perfect, but so aren’t all other 7.5 billion people.

Nobody can always be sexy, smart and gorgeous. We fail, we worry, we do stupid things, we get sick and we get older.

And we all are just afraid of rejection. We all are very fast on judging others, so that we feel normal to ourselves. We all are looking for love but pretend that we don’t. We all play cool and in control, when in fact we are frightened.

You don’t need to become perfect to be accepted. You just need to be you, in all your imperfections.

If we only started loving ourselves, we could heal the entire planet.






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