2018: year of global changes

2018 is definitely a year of drastic changes on our planet. I can feel it all around, this uplifted, hopeful life energy.

When I quit my job, I was frightened. I knew Im doing the right thing, but waves of logical reasoning washed over me.

Why would you quit secure job? Why would you stop having good income for no reason? Why would you run away from good team members? From calm environment? So many people would give everything to be on your place, what a hell are you doing?? What is your plan anyway?

But even though I had these panic attacks, even though my manager tells me every week that he will be happy if I change my mind – I didnt withdraw my resignation.

And every day or two I hear about someone else doing the same thing as I did. Quitting their daily job and pursuing dreams. Someone has a plan already. Someone doesnt. But all of a sudden, one by one, people awaken. They understand that there really can be a better life. That we really can enjoy our work, and we really can love our Mondays.

I am happy that this is happening. When I hear my friends quitting – it’s just another reminder for me that I am on the right path too.

Imagine the world where every person is doing what she loves. What she is passionate about and has natural talents in. Imagine every single human is happy, smiling, full of life and joy.  Can you imagine what an impact it will have on our planet? If everybody does what they want? With love and good intentions?

It will be a massive shift in collective consciousness. People will stop fighting. They will stop aggressively competing. They ll know that they are happy with their life already – so what’s the point of competition? They will know they are great in what they are doing – no need to prove it to anyone.

We compete, we judge, we are jealous only if we think that the others have more than we do. But when we are full of life and joy and appreciation – we will drop all jealousy and start spreading the light.

Everyone is unique. Maybe there are millions of writers, but only you have your life experience, so it gives this personal touch to your writing, which will help or inspire specific group of people.

Maybe there are millions of engineers, but only you know how to use your technical skills to solve some specific problem you had in the past.

Maybe there are millions of cooks, but only you want to feed specific people in some specific poor city. Or only you tried to combine honey with herring and realized that it tastes good.

The Universe is balanced. If you follow your bliss, you ll be led to specific places and people where exactly your set of skills is needed. Your natural gifts and talents, plus life experiences, plus built up skills, plus newly born desires and passions – they are exclusive. Noone else has exactly what you have. Everyone else is on their own assignments, with their own people.

I believe in this perfect world every day more. I see how my friends lighten up. How they start to dream. How they start to believe that everything is possible. How despite all the obvious obstacles, deep down they believe that everything will be alright.

We are doing a huge favor to our home planet by building a happy life for ourselves. And we are doing just great.



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