Why it’s important to dream in feelings

Sometimes we wish for something and we don’t really think about the why. We want to get that job or that car or that lover. We think when we have that – it will make us happy. Everyone else gets that and they are happy! So we go ahead and do everything to get it. And then when it finally arrives… we feel.. nothing.

A few months ago I stated my desire to get a promotion and become a product owner in my team. Everyone who is a product owner is so successful and happy! I want that too. So I wrote it down, I visualized in meditations how my position clearly states “Product owner”. I set a powerful intention and I let it go.

Few weeks ago, out of nowhere, my team leader contacts me and asks me if I dont mind taking a hat of a … product owner, of course.

I could not believe it!

But there was a trick to it. They just needed to write someone’s name as a product owner, but my responsibilities would not change even a bit…

In a flash, I have realized what has happened.

I imagined the name of the position, I imagined everyone referring to me as holding it. But I did not think about how would I feel.

After thinking for a while I also realized that I never wanted to be a product owner. I wanted success, a power to take important decisions. In other words – I wanted to matter and have bigger influence. And I assumed that it will come to me with getting that position.

We think that we want success, and in order to manifest it – we need to visualize the steps which we think will bring us to it. But the truth is – there are so many ways in which we can get our end goal, that our mind simply can’t grasp them. We have no idea how many ways are there for us to feel successful.

That’s why it is important to dream your end goal in terms of feelings.

You might think you want that person, for example, because you will feel deep connection, passion, you will feel love and loved, you will feel secure. And right now you don’t see anybody else who can bring that to you! And you are sure that (s)he will give you all that you want.

But trust the Universe. Trust that if you wished for something, and it’s not coming through that specific person or a thing – it means that that person doesn’t have what you need. She truly can’t give you all the aspects you dared to dream of.

Abraham Hicks gives a nice example in one of her teachings. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was something like this:

What if you dream about that beautiful red car you saw yesterday, because you think it’s very powerful and you will enjoy the fast ride? But what you dont know is that at night someone took an engine out of it.

Imagine all your goals in terms of feelings. Even if you think that out of 7.6 billion people only this person can bring that to you, focus on the feelings you want to get from her.

Let go of the how and through whom. That’s not your job. When you let go of specifics you will be amazed of how diverse and abundant our Universe really is.

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