You CAN stop suffering

I’ve started reading A Course In Miracles. Charming book, even holding it in my hands brings me waves of warmth.

I’ve read just one page, and it already gave me chills of realizing something new. The first chapter goes trough Principles of Miracles, where they describe what miracle actually is. One of the definitions is:

Miracles are thoughts.

I’ve seen many times things like “sometimes a miracle is just a change of perception”, or “change your perception – and your situation will change”.

But these explanations would always piss me off.

Who cares about perception! I want a real miracle so that im finally happy! In reality, you know…

I would be walking with these expectations of a miracle for days, while suffering from not-getting-any-signs-whatsoever.

But as it already goes with me – sooner or later I get the answers to all “annoying” questions.

So what does it really mean that Miracles are thoughts?

I would ask you: Where do you think your suffering resides? Where lives your depression? Your loneliness? Is it physically located in your stomach? In lungs, maybe? Or on a bookshelf in your apartment?

Where is it?

Im sure by now you see it clearly:

Suffering lives in thoughts.

Or , to say it better:

Suffering does not exist outside of your thoughts.

Events and circumstances do, but suffering doesn’t.

Pain Is Inevitable. Suffering Is Optional


Suffering does not extend out of your thought to the room you are in. It does not go out of your body. It does not go out of your mind. When your thought about something ends – so does suffering. Your suffering ends where your thought ends.

What we perceive as reality is, in fact, only the thought. Thoughts are real for us. We evaluate what we see with the thought. We feel them. We live them. We suffer them. We torture ourselves with them.

But it’s the only thing which creates your suffering. Your suffering does not go beyond thoughts.

You ll probably ask:

But that means that happiness also does not exist outside of thoughts?

And you will be absolutely correct.

We are either happy or unhappy. But both start and end with a thought. Both are an illusion which to us feels like the only reality. So why not to choose an illusion which feels better?  Should you choose to start a happy thought – you don’t have to end it. Ever.

Instead of usual suffering thoughts, we can say:

In my thoughts I am happy


In my thoughts I did well


In my thoughts I love myself


My thoughts are my helpers, not enemies

After understanding this, I absolutely agree that miracle – is simply a thought, and you get to choose whether you want to torture or please yourself with it.




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