It happened for you, not to you

Hard to believe it when you are in the midst of depression and sorrow.

But after living in a victim mode for nearly 30 years, and then finally taking a decision to change my life and turn it the way I want, I can say with 100% assurance :

Everything happens exactly how it should, even if your mind tells you that you are always getting the worse outcomes. It happens for you, for you to wake up and to grow.

That childhood trauma you went through, that person who rejected you, that job you didn’t get, the money you lost, that disease, that accident, that robbery, whatever – was there for you to show you your vibrational level. For you to realize that you don’t want to live like that and deserve better. And to start searching for the ways out.

Our purpose on this planet is to live a joyful life. If you don’t believe it (I certainly didn’t) – think about how harmonious our universe is: from placement of the planets around the sun, to gravitation laws to keep them orbiting, to natural cycles of rains and evaporation, death and decomposing to make a fertilizer, to cycle of predators chasing the prey, who eats the grass, which grows from that fertilized soil and is watered with the rain and is nurtured by the sun. Everything is perfectly organized – do you really think that in all that harmony human beings are the only beings created to suffer?

I don’t think so. I think we’ve been placed on this planet in the harmony with all the cycles, but to make it fun and to expand the whole universe – we forgot about it.

I believe that before coming to this planet we choose what we want to learn. And we pick an exact country and family which will provide us with the starting conditions. Maybe we came here to learn self-love (I think this is my quest) – then you ll be placed in a family who has no idea what love means. You will encounter partners and friends who refuse to be there for you so you will learn to find the power within you.

Maybe your quest is to challenge the whole society. So you are born with not commonly approved sexual orientation, or with innovative ideas which are out of everyone else’s mind.

So next time when you ask:

Why me? Why this all happens to me only and not to others?

Remind yourself that you, yourself, have chosen it. Your soul was brave enough to believe that you can handle your conditions and shine your light even in the darkest places.

Don’t blame yourself for your negativity, scary thoughts, weird desires, failures, and fears. For this is exactly what you need to learn to overcome.

Now everytime someone rejects or hurts me, something unfortunate happens – I say to myself:

I chose that. And I’m here to overcome it. I can shine my light even trough this.

From that place of acceptance, your response to the situation will be much healthier.

Each time you face a new challenge, ask yourself:

What do I have to learn here?

Each time you get something totally different from what you’ve asked for  – understand that it’s here for you to peel off another layer of darkness and unworthiness. It’s NOT your ultimate prize. You CAN have better, exactly as you want it. But to receive it – you need to understand which negative belief you have to let go of.

Turn around and reflect on your life. Im 100% sure that now you are thankful for many events which did not turn out as you wanted. Maybe not everything, but Im certain there are plenty.

So try to believe me, me who held a title of “miss world victim” for nearly 30 years(ok, maybe for 20, as I was not born like that):

Your worse nightmares are your biggest blessings. Don’t pray to change the circumstances, pray to see what else you need to learn.

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