Organize your life in 4 steps

I love cleaning up and organizing everything. Whether it’s my flat, my office desk or my endless to-do lists – I like to keep it clear and in order.

While keeping my apartment tidy is a daily task, organizing my dreams did not seem important. But if we have chaos in our thoughts  – we’ll have chaos in our life. Same as with a messy flat – you know you need scissors, for example, but you have no idea where are they. They are covered with a pile of clutter and you will spend a significant amount of time and energy before you can use them.

If we aren’t clear on what we want – we won’t get it. We are giving hard times for the Universe to deliver something to us if it’s buried under negative beliefs, doubts and constant change of focus.

Now the concept of getting clear on what I want always scared me.

What if I have no idea what that is?

Well, I have good news for you (and me):

We don’t need to know.

So how to organize your life and get clear on what you want without knowing what you want? It’s really simple.

Step 1. Get clear on who you are and why are you here

This one is really really easy, it’s the same for all 7.5 billions people out there.

You are a child of God. An energy being. Part of the Universe. God. Or whatever you want to call yourself. The point is – you are divine. And because you are divine – you are already perfect and worthy of your desires.

You came to this planet to explore your power, experience love and success and expand in the process. You came to live the life you want if you choose it so.

Step 2. Clearly describe your current position on life’s coordinates

Divide your life into areas and just say all the facts about it.

Work&calling: Unfulfilling job, although with nice colleagues, fair income and calm environment. Demotivated to wake up in the morning. Having 1,2,3, hobbies which truly fulfill me but I don’t know how to turn them into profession and get income

Romantic relationship: single.

Other relationships: Have few really good friends, although not even one who is on the same spiritual path. Nice relationships with colleagues.

Health: Perfectly healthy

Fitness&sport: Moderately sporty

Personality: very confident at times, very shy at other times, tending to break apart quite often, but picking myself up


The areas can be divided as you want them to. Spirituality, hobbies, appearance, contribution to the world, family, finance, material belongings – just about anything.

Step 3. Get clear on where you want to arrive and why

Take your areas, one by one, and describe how you want them to be. If you know specifics – like getting a Lamborghini, becoming CEO of ABC company – that’s great! But if you don’t – just describe how you want to feel. And don’t give a damn about “it’s not possible” gremlins. Shake them off and allow yourself to dream.

Work&calling: I wake up every morning very early, Im so excited to go to work! I feel fulfilled. Accomplished. Happy. Light. Joy. I have lots of fun at work. It’s so easy to do the work because I only use my natural skills and talents! I shine, I grow, expand, I contribute 100% of me. This is the best job I ever had!

Romantic relationship: I feel deep connection. We laugh so much together, my stomach hurts. We go for walks. We have long conversations. I feel excitement, challenge, passion. I feel wanted, adored and cared for. We just get each other. Im so glad we have same life goals and values. He is so hot and adorable.

Material: I have my own beautiful 2+1 flat in the center of the city. I feel comfort, safe, prestigious.

And so on. Really spend some time on it, it’s the most important step.

Some of the areas you may not want to change (health, sport for me) – that’s why you need Step 2 to know that.

Step 4. Choose one area and make first baby-step.

Ok, maybe choose two, if you feel you can manage. Choose your area and focus on it: feel the feeling, meditate, visualize.

And then think, without forcing it, what could you do today to have it? It can be as simple as sending CV to that company. Or treating your 20 years old Skoda Fabia as a Lamborghini. Or getting a new haircut, new outfit for a date with a hot guy.

Just pick the action which feels effortless (it’s important!) and which will help you cultivate the feeling you are aiming for .


Now your part is done, time to let go. The Universe steps in. You’ve set a massive amount of energy on movement, you backed it up with an action – your reality started to change. You will start to receive signs, inspired impulses and stepping stones – oh yes, if the desire is really big, most probably you are not ready. So you will receive many stepping stones in order for you to pill off old negative beliefs and feel worthy of your desire.

Last time just before my ex-lover has manifested himself into my life – I felt it. I felt light, peaceful, all covered with love. I started to see hearts everywhere I looked. I started to hear songs exactly when it was singing “you know that I love you” and so. I knew he is coming back. It did not last long, however, but that is another story 🙂

When I get clear on who and where I am and where I want to be – I get a sense of purpose. I hope it will help you too!





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