The Universe has a sense of humor

Despite the fact that some of my biggest desires are not manifested, I tend to get small ones quite quickly.

A week or two ago I’ve created a list of 10 immediate things I want to get. Just for fun of it and for proving(again!) that this stuff works.

I’ve put a compliment within a day and an apology within a week on that list. Easy, real, believable. So I offered no resistance. I wrote down the list and got back to work.

3 hours later, in a public bathroom, I received … a compliment! From a cleaning lady! Apparently, I have a very nice wallet.

Wow, thank you, Universe! I want another one! – I said, feeling unstoppable

Within 2 days after that, I received a compliment regarding my writing: “it’s visible that you have an expertise in what you write

You’ve got to be kidding me!

In 3 days after creating the list, I received … an apology. Guys who FEW WEEKS ago have made some nasty comment about me came to apologize for that.

I could not believe it…

So few days ago I’ve made a new list, and one of the things on it was another apology. Not that Im a fan of apologies, it’s just one of not many things I offer no resistance to. And I sooo wanted to feel the power of creation again!

But this time the Universe made some fun of me.

Aren’t you an apology lover?!! Here, receive something you will want an apology for!

Last night, just when I went to bed, my neighbors from upstairs decided to watch a football match. And to be very aggressive and emotional about it. So for 2 hours I was listening to their swearing, singing, whistling and all that kind of stuff. After 2 hours I lost all patience, gathered all my courage, and went upstairs to complain. I was a bit terrified, because I imagined the picture : 3 or 4 men around 50, dead drunk, watching their favorite game, and me, tiny little girl from downstairs, came to disturb them and to complain. I expected all sorts of swearing coming on me when they open that door…

Shaking, I rang the doorbell. To my surprise, the guy who opened the door was 25 years old at most (and kind of hot). And didn’t seem to be drunk at all.

A bit confused, I have asked him to quite down, as it’s 1am and I really can’t fall asleep.

The guy said only: Yes, of course. We apologize.

A second later it strikes me: It’s exactly what I’ve asked for!

Guys calmed down, I went back to sleep, and promised myself to think twice before I ask for something next time 🙂

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