How to handle the fear of new

Generally speaking, I am very scared person. I am scared of changes, unexpected events, traveling to new places and trying new activities.

I have written another article on topic of fear, and basically, I still use the same method, but more refined with the time.

I take every new thing or challenge as an expansion.

Whether it’s a new trip, coming to gathering of unknown people or dealing with unpleasant situation at work – I use the same trick. I take a deep breath and say:

It’s an expansion. I’ll be stronger, smarter, more experienced after. My world will expand.

And then I would follow it with visualizing myself after an event – coming home calm, happy and at peace, meaning – nothing bad happened.

Whatever follows – will add to my experiences. Even if I miss flight, go wrong direction, come to boring or stupid meeting – it will add to my knowledge on how to handle these situations, or on what I don’t want in my experience any longer. Later on it will be just a funny story to tell.

But more often then not, all the things I was worried about turned out to be pleasant and peaceful.

Don’t deny that you have fear. But don’t let it block you either. Feel it and transform into the form of anticipating expansion. Let your Universe grow.

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