How to trick your feeling of lack

Happy New Year, dear reader! This is my last article in 2017!

Today I will describe another trick I use to “talk myself into happiness“.

According to Law of attraction – like attracts like.

So when you don’t have something and you really really want it – most probably you send out the energy of lack and neediness. It’s because you are focusing on the fact that you don’t have it rather than on how does it feel to have it. And so you get nothing.

Say, you are single and you really want to have a loving relationship.

But being needy for love is not sexy. When I enter a party I can almost immediately say who has a partner and who doesn’t. Those who do – don’t sit in hope that someone will come and pay attention to them. They cast out the energy of completeness. Those who are single (but want to be in relationship) send the energy of despair.

I saw it in my own life. When I had stable relationships – I always had attention from other men. When I became single – all of a sudden they disappeared, and I was left alone wondering what a hell is wrong with me.

–  So how do I go around the need for a boyfriend? – I asked myself

Pretend like you have one! – the voice inside of me answered.

Of course! Positive affirmations.

I have a charming boyfriend who adores me, because I am so fascinating!

Immediately I feel at peace.

I don’t need a boyfriend, I already have one!

Now, it doesn’t mean that when a cute guy will come around and invite me for coffee – I will send him to hell and say: Don’t you see that I have a boyfriend??

I will agree to go for coffee, but I won’t care if he sticks around. I already have a backup plan at home 🙂


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