Love yourself even more

Do you remember how you feel when you are in love? Maybe you had it long time ago – but try to recall the feelings you had with this person.

Remember the butterflies in your stomach? Remember the rush to meet with him? Remember how you couldn’t focus on anything else?

He is fascinating, you say. I can talk to him for hours. He is damn hot! He is the smartest guy I know. He is the best in all sports. He listens to me. He understands me. He calls me “little one”. I love it when he hugs me. It feels that he completes me. The time stops and the Earth stops spinning. I feel loved. I feel safe. I feel home.

Rewrite this story to the new one.

I am fascinating. I can talk to myself for hours! (you do journal, right?) I am so damn hot! When did I get so cute? I speak few languages fluently. Nobody knows and accepts me better than myself. I need only my own approval. I am my best friend. “hey, little one, how you doing today?”. I love spending time with me. Im so interesting, I have lots of hobbies, I am cute, funny, I grow and expand daily. I am always on-the-move. I am a package of love. I have enormous capacity to love. And I give that love freely. I feel safe with myself. I feel home.

Wake up in the morning and rush to the mirror to see your cute face.

“Good morning, Yuli. I love you. What is on your mind today?”

Fall in love with yourself. Nobody else will ever complete you. Nobody else knows you better than you do. Nobody else can appreciate you more than you can.

When you fall in love with yourself – only then you are ready to enter relationship. Only then you are ready to love unconditionally and without expectations. Only then you are starting the relationship to co-create and not to co-exist. And only then your relationship has the potential to be “happily ever after”.


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