We create our reality: how to start believing. Part 2

Following up Part 1:

Even after many undeniable stories from my OWN life – I still don’t fully believe I can create whatever I want. Years of conditioning, deep beliefs of unworthiness and, most importantly – the habit to believe and follow the majority…

So Part 2 is about 5 ideas I use to “trick” myself into believing.

Idea nr. 1

I start with understanding that everything that exists now on this planet, at some point in the past – was only an idea in someone’s head. A crazy belief in unbelievable. If scientists would believe only in what everyone else did  – we wouldn’t have such simple things as electricity or Internet. If someone wouldn’t assume that the Earth might be a sphere – our planet would be still declared as flat. If someone wouldn’t believe that we can fly – we would still be spending days or weeks to travel across the world.

No matter how crazy some new idea seems to us now – in the nearest future it will be casual activity and perhaps will be thought in schools.

Idea nr. 2

Even if it’s not true and won’t work – I don’t lose anything. I might seem as a delusional dreamer – but only to myself. Nobody else knows my dreams – so what’s the big deal?

Dreaming doesn’t bring ANY harm. At least I will feel good in the process and at least I will finally stop denying and suppressing my own desires.

I give myself permission to dream.

Idea nr. 3

When I really really want something – usually it means there is a lot of resistance. The best thing I can do for it to manifest – is getting off the subject. I do that with repeating: “It’s coming”. And I switch to something else.

Idea nr. 4

“Fake it until you make it”. Ever heard that saying?

I certainly did, and I use it daily. I keep repeating to myself whatever affirmation I need at this moment, over and over again, until it becomes a natural part of me.

“I love myself”, “I give myself permission to be happy”, “All the people I meet are nice to me”

And now I add to it:

“Everything I wish for is on it’s way to me”, “It’s coming”

Every single moment of our life we choose our thoughts and feelings. I can either beat myself up for something that went wrong or did not work and so create more of that. Or I can choose to cheer myself up and give credits for what went right.

Idea nr. 5

Have fun with it. Have fun with testing how it works and with watching your own progress.

Have fun with life. Each moment ask yourself – What will bring me maximum possible joy right now? Go and do it.

What if “life is hard”, “there are only wars and hatred in this world” – is only the idea which most of the people believe in?

What if life is easy? What if I can have fun? What if I really create my reality?

As in Idea nr. 1 – our whole world is a collection of someone’s beliefs which are followed by masses. That’s all that it is. From time to time someone appears and expands the limits of our reality. Breaks new “impossible” record. Finds a cure to “incurable” disease. Creates new “unrealistic” invention.


Question everything. Think differently by giving one simple question:

What if this is not true? How would it look like then?

Dream! Our dreams create our world.


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