We create our reality: how to start believing. Part 1

Merry Christmas dear reader!

If you are like me, stubborn and having hard times to believe in Law of attraction – this article is for you. In the first part I will describe 3 absolutely undeniable stories from my recent life, which prove that it works. In Part 2 I will describe how I “talk myself into believing”.

I have known that we create our reality for a while . I know it worked for millions of people, I read about it daily and I doubt they all would get together in internet to just lie about their experiences. But I didn’t have anybody in my environment who would have proved that. And my own manifestations I always dismissed as coincidences.

Now, there are things which I do believe in and which have already worked for me: when I keep repeating “I am loved”, “I love and approve of myself”, ” Im beautiful and everybody loves me” – the Universe responds with loving people and joyful days.

But those are very blurred, not measurable things – that’s why it is easy to believe that it works. When it comes to specific, measurable goals, however – like having long lasting relationship, specific amount of money, a trip, new flat, whatever – then I give up and I don’t believe I can create it.

Nevertheless, I keep reading about this topic and keep testing the Universe and my own powers.

And I truly start to believe.


Story nr. 1

Today I agreed to meet with my two girlfriends in our city center. I had a Christmas gift for one of them, but not for the other (don’t ask me why). So I kinda didn’t want to give it to one while not having anything for the other. I started to think of ideas how to manage it – ask the girl to come sooner? or maybe stop by at her place before? or maybe …

I did not come up with any acceptable idea, so I decided to let it go with a prayer:

“Dear God, let this be solved in a best way for everyone involved”

For a second it crossed my mind – would be nice if I just meet her on the way before we meet the third girl.

And I released it to God.

I stepped out of metro at needed stop, but decided to go to the bathroom before the meeting. This detoured me to another exit of metro station, which normally I wouldn’t take. I go out from the underground, and … I see that friend who is suppose to receive my gift. She was walking to our meeting point, the very same second when I went out from the exit which I normally don’t take..

Story nr. 2

A week ago or so, I was feeling quite low and was worried that my blog isn’t growing, that I didn’t receive a reply from the website where I submitted my guest post, and few other “bad” things. So I prayed:

“Dear Universe! What should I do? Where should I go? Am I on the right path? I need some sign! Anything!”

Few SECONDS later I see a car passing, with registration plate where instead of numbers is written “BE HAPPY”


It gave me chills.

So I did stay happy as much as I could. If I have a sign like that from God, I’d better do as He says!

Day went by, I come home from work, I check my email…And I finally have a reply for my submitted guest article – they say it will go online on their website on 25.12 (you can read it here  )

You can’t imagine my state that day. The Universe DOES SPEAK TO ME !!! As to all those people who tell their stories!!!

Story nr. 3

Few months ago my cousin’s family has visited me here in Prague. My cousin’s daughter had a very beautiful pink hair tie, which I literally loved and was wearing it while they were there. I, instead, had “not-so-beautiful” black one, which I didn’t like that much, but my cousin was actually borrowing it from me.

I loved that hair tie so much, I had a thought to ask them to give it to me, and I would easily give away the black one. But then I said to myself: “C’mon Yuliya, you are not able to buy yourself a hair tie and you will take it from child??” So I decided to let it go.

They were returning home during my working time, so when they left my flat – I was at the office. I come back home .. and I see “my new” beautiful pink hair tie lying on the table… I thought that maybe they left it on purpose, as they saw me wearing it all the time.

But in few hours my cousin wrote to me:

– I am sorry, we took your black hair tie by accident!


I reply:

– No worries, you left your pink one.

And she:

– Ah, really? Good! then we’ve made an exchange.


Coincidences? I prefer to call it magic 🙂

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