The art of allowing

I love Abraham Hicks teachings. It raised my mood and vibration many times. You can find youtube video basically on any subject or problem you are dealing with.

I also “grew up” on Louise Hay teachings, and my recent discovery Marianne Willamson. Of course, the list of my teachers is way longer than that, but these 3 figures impacted me the most.

After listening, analyzing and applying all of their words of wisdom, after chaotic flow of thoughts and overwhelm from amount of information out there, it finally starts to sort itself out in my head, and I can sum up few key points which drive my life right now.

  • Inspiration, feeling good, excitement – don’t just come to you. You have to “talk yourself into it”. Despite it’s our natural state to feel inspired and happy – trough years of conditioning and negative thinking we forgot about it. You have to learn it again, and as with any other new skill – it takes time, practice and persistence. Don’t just sit and wait for inspiration to come – it won’t. Talk yourself into it.
  • Procrastination is not laziness. It’s ignoring previous point – you are waiting for inspiration to come, but it doesn’t. And anything what’s done with force, or “will” – is not going to bring you the results you want, and it’s not going to last long.
  • Appreciation is one of the most powerful techniques to stay in high vibrations. It doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to appreciate everything around you, it’s enough that you take one simple subject which makes you feel good -whether it’s your child, or partner, or sport, or dancing, or drawing – and you appreciate only this subject, you “milk” it until it moves you emotionally so much, that you feel blessed as never before.

I love my nephew for example. My love to him is unconditional and will never change. I adore his way of playing, I adore him being himself, he brings so much light and fun into our family’s life, he always says or does something he thinks is serious, but considering his age it’s so cute that you can’t help yourself but adore him. I am so thankful that God blessed me with him.

  • Surrender your plans to God. Your plan can’t be better than that one from God.

I was always an “overthinking” person. I would take any smallest subject and ponder it until it feels so bad, that it causes me pain and depression. I would imagine the worse case scenarios, horrible things happening to me. Then when I started spiritual growth and became conscious about my thoughts and feelings – I started to force myself to think positively. But I couldn’t! I would say to myself – I will have beautiful relationships! – but on the background I wouldn’t believe it .

I felt powerless and exhausted. It’s then when I started to pray:

 “I surrender this desire to God”.

“Dear God, help me to forgive this person. I release him to you”.

“I surrender my whole life to God”.

“Dear God, speak trough me. Show your power trough me. Tell me what to say, what to do and where to go”

At first it felt weird and “weak” to just surrender and do nothing. I am so irresponsible! Im just lazy to do anything!

But then, after repeating the prayer over and over again – I started to feel peace. It’s a huge relief to realize that I don’t have to figure it all out!

  • Don’t set specific goals. Rather than saying “I want that job”, say – I want a job which will make me feel fulfilled, excited, which I will enjoy and will make biggest possible impact.

Happened to me very often. I wanted that job, that person or that thing – but when I actually got it – it didn’t make me feel good as I expected, on the contrary, it made me feel frustrated. You can’t know for sure that that thing will make you happy, because you never had it before. Again, release the desire to God, he might have much better options for you.

  • Your current situation doesn’t matter. Your current life – is your thoughts and beliefs from the past. It’s gone. Focus on how you want to feel from now on. Watch your current thought. Do you want this thought to create your tomorrow?
  • Believe that God loves you. We are all children of God. He loves us and wants us to be happy. But He can’t help you to be happy if you don’t trust Him and block the flow of life. Open yourself up, sit still and receive, and trust that only the best will come. It does not mean that you will only sleep all day or stay on sofa and meanwhile your life will take off. You still have to do actions. But when these actions come from the place of love and inspiration – they are coming from God. It will feel easy, joyful and effortless. It’s the path of least resistance. And it will make miracles for you.
  • Be your authentic self. Speak your truth. Do what you are inspired to do. Don’t hide your feelings and emotions. Don’t lock your opinions and ideas. There is no wrong or right opinion, there is a thought which creates reality. If it feels right for you – it can’t be wrong. It’s real in your head, and so it deserves to be real in the world. Be yourself, and you will attract like-minded people and circumstances. The world doesn’t need another Michael Jackson or Leonardo da Vinci. The world needs you.
  • You receive what you are ready for. You may think you are ready for more, and you wonder why it’s not coming. But you are not really ready. You might still feel unworthy of loving relationships. You might still be frightened by failure or success. Everything you have around you right now- is a reflection of you readiness. You don’t get over and you don’t get under.

I thought Im ready for a healthy relationship. And I was wondering why it’s not happening. I realized that Im simply not ready. I still feel that I have to earn love, that I have to be good and that anyway nothing will work and he will leave. And so I get what Im energetically vibrating – lessons on self-worth.

I thought Im ready to be successful blogger and be followed by hundreds(for starters). But I am not. As soon as I get small glimpse of success – I freak out! Will it last? Do I really write useful stuff? How long it will take until it brings me money? Oh, but Im not so good as other bloggers!

I realized that the tiny success I have right now – is all I am ready for.

  • Focus on giving, not getting. The question I started to ask myself now is not What should I write/do/create in order to be successful and rich? I started to ask myself – What is my truth? What do I feel I have to share with others? The rest will come when I am ready.

I stopped taking life so seriously and started to have fun. I look forward to the next lesson my life will bring

“There is nothing serious going on here”

Abracham Hicks


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