Aim for the stars. But start with building a spaceship

Dreaming is a gift from God. It’s a toolkit for our own happiness and contribution to the happiness of the world.

Dreams are not given to you without ability to implement them. You can have it all. But we often get discouraged when our desires don’t come to us over night.

“All happens for a reason”, “at divine timing”, “just let it go and it will come”, “if we don’t get the desire – we get a lesson”. All this simply means that you are not energetically ready to receive.

One day perhaps it will be possible to fly over to the stars within minutes. It will be possible to just glance into the mirror and choose how you want to look today. Perhaps soon enough we will be able to reverse the aging process.

But we are not there yet. Our collective consciousness is convinced that in order to fly to the stars you need to have a spaceship first. You need time for building it – it’s not built over night.

As our planet is developing faster with each decade – I am sure that instant manifesting will become possible. But again. For humankind to reach this level of consciousness – a lot more time has to pass.

And so is with each individual desire. Your personal divine timing indicates your level of consciousness, your belief and faith in impossible. If deep down you don’t believe you can have it, or you don’t believe you are worthy of having – you won’t get it no matter how much you crave for it. Your energy is not on the level of receiving.

And so you get a lesson.

You get a relationship you don’t want, because it corresponds to your energetic level and reflects your beliefs back to you. You get a job you don’t want so that you become clear on what you do want.

Those are your middle-way assignments to prepare you energetically for your target. Don’t avoid doing the work. Go on the path of least resistance – work with what you have now. Don’t dismiss and resist what’s in front of you – it pushes your mind and soul to grow. It pushes you to look within and find new wound to heal or belief to change in order to get where you want to be.

If you want to have a healthy, balanced relationship, but all you get is emotional roller coaster, self-pity and negativity – look closely at your partner and see your wounds which you need to heal reflected by him. Don’t hate him and don’t blame him – be thankful for the opportunity to come closer to your dream relationship.

If you want to have a dream job, but all you get is a job you can’t stand – bless your current job with love, bless your coworkers, bosses and customers – and pray for new joyous job to be revealed to you.

If you want to lose weight, but you’ve made no progress no matter how hard you try – love and appreciate yourself now, and understand that losing weight IS easy, if you only approach it from a place of love.

You can’t receive something loving, lovable and happy if you are not carrying loving energy within yourself. You can’t have loving relationships if you hate all your partners. You can’t possibly attract joyous job from the place of despair and misery. You can’t become attractive and lovable by hating your body. You can’t receive abundance if you secretly despise rich people or think that “money is not important” or that “it’s shame to want more money”.

In order to change our life, to meet another kind of people or attract fortunate circumstances – we have to change our own energy and thinking first. We have to become that person with whom another lovely person would want to stay.

You want to reach for the stars? Start by building a spaceship in your backyard.



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