Najmia – a stranger in her own city

This video is both inspirational and sad.

Women’s rights in Muslim countries was always a painful subject for me. My heart shrinks when I hear another story of suppressing women’s spirit and beauty, and my helplessness adds even more to it. I can not imagine how many great talents are buried under veils and social limitations, and I feel desperate from the fact that it is considered “normal”, by both men and women, inside of those countries as well as outside.

Seeing someone like Najmia warms my heart and gives me hope. Despite all the negativity towards her – she keeps her charming smile, walks with grace and has the courage to challenge the most radical society in the world.

Her light-hearted attitude reminds me again to be thankful for what I have. If she can keep her smile in her conditions – I sure can keep smiling in mine.

Dear Najmia,

I dream about a day when I am able to help you and many other women in same situation.

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