When you feel that something is missing


When you feel you are missing something important. When you feel completely lonely in this world. When you are suffocating in your own tears and you don’t see the way out…

Love yourself a bit more.

You are missing yourself.

It’s not your partner who is missing, not job, not money and not even your life’s purpose. You are desperately seeking for love and safe place to hide, but you can’t find it outside.

Stay with yourself. With your feelings. And say that it’s okay to breakdown sometimes. Be there for yourself and say the things which you want to hear from others. Say that you are doing great. That you WILL feel better. Yes, perhaps you are more negative than other people, but that just means a bit more patience. A bit more effort. A bit more time.

You CAN change. You CAN love yourself enough to stop frightening yourself with scary thoughts. You CAN control your thoughts and feelings. Millions other people can do it – so can you.

Ask the Universe to support you in your intention.

Dear Universe,

Please bring me new way of thinking. I want to feel loved, peaceful and balanced too. I want miracles in my life. Help me to love myself more every day.

❤ You CAN do it ❤

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