It’s not what you need right now

earth-spaceThis feeling. When you really really want something and dream about it day and night. And it’s not coming… When you’ve read hundreds of articles on manifesting your desires. You know how the Universe works, you know that you create your reality… You think you know it all, you’ve done the work, but it’s still nowhere close. Your deepest, truest desire is simply not coming.

You start doubting yourself, the whole Law of attraction thing, and everyone who believes in it. You start trying to trick the Universe with “So don’t bring it to me!! Never really wanted it anyway!! ” And thinking – “You see, I’ve surrendered! I have detached from the outcome! This is what was written in books! I did it well!“. And hoping: “Now it’s gonna come for sure…

Damn, it’s still not coming, what a hell???

Am I doing it wrong? Or did all those people who tell their manifestation stories just go mad and lost connection with reality? Are those people even real?

You start doubting everything, but deep down you know the truth. The thing with spiritual awakening is that when you start the process – there is no way back. Your soul gets stronger every day, and with every day it makes it harder for your ego to take back control.

You know the truth.

Your desire is not coming because it’s not what you really want. It’s not what you need, right now or at all.

It might be that you want that specific person because he/she made you feel so loved and blessed, that you want that feeling back. Or because you think he will make you feel that way.

You think you want that job, but in fact you want it because everyone goes there. Because everyone who works on this position feels proud of himself. It is prestigious and well paid, and if you don’t get it, while your friends/collegues did – you will look like a failure. You want to feel successful, but it doesn’t mean you want that job.

Your desires are valid, and your desires to feel in a certain way are valid too.

But what if you are simply not ready for what you’ve asked for?

What if, the moment that guy walks in – you will start screaming and yelling at him that he never loved you and that he should walk away.

What if you get that job, but you can’t handle the pressure it puts on you? And in fact, you never wanted to work under pressure no matter how much they pay or how good you’ll look in the eyes of others?

What if behind that deepest desire of yours lies simple longing to feel wanted. Valuable. Loved. And your mind knows the only way – trough that particular job or that specific person.

But the Universe has so much more to offer. You never really lose. You are never rejected. You are being redirected and given an opportunity to look around and receive a better match to what you’ve asked for. Or sometimes to receive a middle step, a stepping stone on the way to your desire. To prepare you for receiving it. To grow and understand the things which will help you to handle it when your dream comes around.

Don’t rush the Universe. Don’t try to trick it. It knows what is best for you at this moment. It knows what you really long for. It knows how to deliver. Sit back in stillness and see what comes next.

Release control to God and let Him guide you trough the process. Pray:

“Dear God. If you want this desire for me – show me what to do”

Gabrielle Bernstein


And trust that whatever comes – is for your own good, and for the good of  the whole world.

“Everything always works out for me and my own good

My favorite life&career coach Mo

❤ Believe ❤

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