Change your energy. Change the world

P1230295I believe in world peace. With all my heart I ‘ve come to realization that our planet can be healed. It’s not hopeless. It’s not over. Yes, wars, disasters, hatred – do exist. But it’s in our power to heal it with love and light. It is in power of each individual to start changing the world.

 And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Marianne Willamson

The energy you carry throughout the day is important. You are adding to the collective, and you choose whether it’s energy of love or destruction. Your daily choice is affecting people around you, and they carry it forward to their own environments. And then further, and further, until it covers up the whole planet. It’s a huge power and responsibility.

What kind of energy do you send out there daily?

Let your light shine and let it inspire others. Stand up on your both feet firmly, and scream to the world “I AM!!  And I’m not a victim! I AM amazing and powerful!”. Be that person you always wanted to be, it’s so easy! It is the easiest way of living – being that great person from your own dreams. Because when we live our authentic self – we are honoring what was given to us by the Universe, and we start to glow naturally. We start to feel alive. We start to see colors of the world and we start to spread love.

And it truly doesn’t matter where or in which circumstances you are. Start bringing love, joy and inspiration to everywhere you go. To the corporate work you hate so much, to the relationships which are half alive, to even the disease you might be facing at this moment.

By choosing to hide, stay in shadow, hate or play the victim – you are affirming to the Universe that this is the world you want to live in. And if billions people will affirm that – this is what we get as a planet.

I’ve always seen the unfairness and violence of the world, and I so wanted to change it. I felt sorry for people who have no access to clean water or food. Or for countries in war. Or women who have no rights and who are constantly abused. I felt sorry that I have more than they do. I was thankful I live in good conditions, but I felt overwhelmed from the thoughts that I can’t help them.

Me? One person? Against all the chaos out there? What can I possibly do???

I never realized how easy it is.  Just. Shine. Your. Light.


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